In case you not only want to shade the room, but you also need a complete protection against the insects, Roletarstvo Medle offers a solution to this problem as well. Integrated insect screens are already built in different types of shades, and are apart from the mesh practically invisible.


  • protection against insects and shading at the same time
  • integrated in roller shutter systems or under blinds
  • later installation of insect screens in the shade system is possible
  • when not needed the insect screens can be easily rolled-up into the shutter box
  • insect screen is placed between the window and the shades, which protects it against a direct external
  • influence and prolongs its lifespan
  • easy raising and lowering with the '' CLICK'' system

                       Roll-up insect screen integrated with roller shutter

                      Roll-up insect screen under blind
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